Each member nation is represented on the North Atlantic Council by Permanent Representative (Ambassador). He is supported by a national delegation. That body represents the country on different NATO committees. The delegations are similar in many respects to small embassies. They keep formal and informal contacts with each other, as well as with NATO's international staffs, and with the representatives of Partner countries. The Czech Ambassador Karel Kovanda has been Head of the Czech Delegation to NATO since March 1998.

The International Staff

The International Staff supports the work of the North Atlantic Council and its committees. It consists of personnel from member countries. These may be recruited directly by the Alliance or delegated by their governments. They are all responsible to the Secretary General. The International Staff includes the Office of the Secretary General, five operational Divisions, the Office of Management and the Office of the Financial Controller. Each of the Divisions is headed by an Assistant Secretary General, who is usually the chairman of the main committee dealing with subjects in his field of responsibility. The Divisions support the work of the committees in various fields of activities using their structure of Directorates, Sections and Services. The International Staff supports the process of consensus building and decision-making between member and Partner countries and is responsible for the preparation and follow-up of the meetings and decisions of NATO committees. In addition, there are a number of civil agencies and organizations located in different member countries.
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